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Lawglobal hub

LawGlobal Hub

LAWGLOBAL HUB is an award-winning legal-tech company providing legal information and resources to thousands of users in Nigeria, India, South Africa, the United States and other countries around the globe.

As a global resource of law, LawGlobal Hub avails users the opportunity to access both domestic and international legal resources. The legal information giant supplies legal articles, statutory documents, topical cases, as well as judgements in its robust repository.

LawGlobal Hub is promoting, advancing and democratising the knowledge and practice of law by providing:

1. Legal information for all people everywhere.

2. IT tools for legal enthusiasts, legal practitioners, judges etc.

3. Cross-border legal research.

4. Prints, publication and marketing of law books, journals and reports.

5. Legal training for students, workers, and other groups.

LawGlobal Hub emerged from LawHub NG in December, 2021. LawHub NG was a Nigeria-centred legal repository and blog started by Inioluwa Olaposi in the last quarter of 2020, which rose to be identified as one of the top legal blogs in Nigeria at the time.

In less than three years of existence, LawGlobal Hub has amassed more than a million pageviews from thousands of users. The repository has grown over time to be recognised as a significant resource for law students, lawyers, law enthusiasts, and other categories of people in the society.

In September, 2023, LawGlobal Hub was announced as the winner of the award for Best Emerging Legal Repository of the Year in the APAC Legal awards, 2023. This award reflects its position as a significant contributor to the development of law in the Asia-Pacific region.

The colour is cyan. The niche is law. The vision is Global. With cutting-edge projects under the supervision of its director, Inioluwa Olaposi, and a team of committed staff, LawGlobal Hub is committed to fostering sound legal awareness through unfettered provision of easily-accessible legal resources.

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