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Category: Law of Tort

Strict Liability (Law of Tort) NG

strict liability tort

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Strict Liability Strict liability makes a person responsible for the loss or damages caused by his or her own acts and omission regardless of culpability which would normally be expressed through a Mens rea requirement. Strict liability is important in tort, corporation law and criminal . . . Read more

Deceit (Law of Tort) NG

deceit tort

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Deceit We have seen that the rule in Hedley bryne & co V. Heller & partner Ltd, a person who makes a careless misstatement to another may be liable to that other in negligence or loss suffered as a result of reliance upon the misstatement. . . . Read more

Conversion (Law of Tort) NG

conversion tort

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Conversion Conversion may be defined as an intentional dealing with or exercise of control over a chattel which seriously interferes with the plaintiff’s right of possession of such chattel. Conversion is similar to trespass in that it primarily protects possession rather than ownership of goods. . . . Read more

Trespass to Chattel (Law of Tort) NG

trespass to chattel

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Trespass to Chattel The tort of trespass to chattel may be defined as a direct and wrongful interference with a chattel in the possession of the plaintiff, such interference being either intentional or negligent. By way of introduction, the word Tort means a wrong. A . . . Read more