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Category: Criminal law

Criminal Liability of Corporate Entities (Companies) in Nigeria – Inioluwa Olaposi

criminal liability of corporate entities

Criminal Liability of Corporate Entities in Nigeria and Other Jurisdictions Previously at Common law, it was believed that corporate entities cannot be liable for criminal offences, because they lack any mental calculations for the satisfaction of mens rea, neither can they be subjected to imprisonment of corporal punishment. Corporate entities . . . Read more

Law of Attempt (Criminal Law) NG

attempt criminal law

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Law of Attempt The interest of crime prevention would not be well served if a man intending to commit a crime were to be held innocent until he had actually committed the crime intended. Mere intentions is not criminal, however, where that intentions . . . Read more

Corruption in Nigeria (Criminal Law)

corruption in nigeria criminal law

Corruption in Nigeria Would love to read about Corruption in Nigeria – concept, trail, consequences, legal responses etc.? Continue reading. Around the globe, the negative perception of corruption in public places continue to grow. It’s struggle to retain its place as one of the major causes of poverty is felt. . . . Read more