Nigerian Copyright Act 2022 PDF Download

Copyright Act 2022 PDF

The Copyright Act 2022 was passed on Wednesday 6th April 2022 and assented by the President on Friday, 17th March, 2023. The Act repeals the Copyright Act, Cap C28, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and enact the Copyright Act 2022 to provide for the regulation, protection and administration of copyright. 

The Copyright Act 2022 is the current copyright Act in Nigeria. The Act repeals the Copyright Act, Cap C28, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

The statement of Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (House of Representatives), Hon. Nasiru Baballe Ila, reads:

Copyright Act 2022, this Act repeals the Copyright Act, Cap C28, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and enact the Copyright Act 2022 to provide for the regulation, protection and administration of copyright. The enactment of the new Copyright Act has again demonstrated the commitment of this administration to re-energizing Nigeria’s creative economy and making it more globally competitive in the digital age.

“The principal objectives of the new law, as outlined in section 1 are to: protect the rights of authors and ensure just rewards and recognition for their intellectual efforts; provide appropriate limitations and exceptions to guarantee access to creative works; facilitate Nigeria’s compliance with obligations arising from relevant international copyright treaties and conventions; and enhance the capacity of the Nigerian Copyright Commission for effective regulation, administration, and enforcement.

“The new Copyright Act expands the rights of authors, raises the sanctions for criminal infringements and more adequately addresses the challenges posed by digital and online use of copyright works. The Act also provides specially for the needs blind, visually impaired and print disabled persons to have access to learning and reading materials in accessible formats.”

Osun High Court (Civil) Rules 2008 (as amended) PDF

Osun State High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules 2008 (as amended) PDF

Date of commencement: 2ND DAY OF JANUARY, 2008.

In exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 274 of the Constitution of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, and of all other powers enabling me in that behalf I, Hon, Justice FASASI OLANIYI OGUNSOLA, (OFR) Chief Judge of the High Court of
Osun State of Nigeria, hereby make the following Rules:

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(Order 1) Application and Interpretation
(Order 2) Place of Instituting and Trial of Suits
(Order 3) Form and Commencement of Action
(Order 4) Indorsement of Claim and of Address
(Order 5) Effect of Non-Complaince
(Order 6) Issue of Originating Process
(Order 7) Service of Originating Process
(Order 8) Service Out of Nigeria and Service of Foreign Process
(Order 9) Appearances
(Order 10) Default of Appearance
(Order 11) Summary Judgement
(Order 12) Application for Account
(Order 13) Parties Generally
(Order 14) Joinder of Causes of Action
(Order 15) Pleadings
(Order 16) Statement
(Order 17) Defence and Counter-Claim
(Order 18) Reply
(Order 19) Admissions
(Order 20) Default of Pleadings
(Order 21) Payment into and Out of Court
(Order 22) Proceedings in Lieu of Demurrer
(Order 23) Discontinuance
(Order 24) Amendment
(Order 25) Pre-trial Conferences and Scheduling
(Order 26) Discovery and Inspection
(Order 27) Issues, Inquiries, Accounts and References to Referees
(Order 28) Special Case
(Order 29) Cause Lists
(Order 30) Proceeding at Trial
(Order 31) Filing of Written Address
(Order 32) Evidence Generally
(Order 33) Affidavits
(Order 34) Non-Suit
(Order 35) Judgement, Entry of Judgement
(Order 36) Drawing up of Orders
(Order 37) Transfers and Consolidation
(Order 38) Interlocutory Orders, etc.
(Order 39) Motions and Other Applications
(Order 40) Application for Judicial Review
(Order 41) Jurisdiction of Chief Registrar
(Order 42) Habeas Corpus, Attachment for Contempt
(Order 43) Interpleader
(Order 44) Computation of Time
(Order 45) Miscellaneous Provisions
(Order 46) Arrest of Absconding Defendant
(Order 47) Proceedings in Forma Pauperis
(Order 48) Change of Legal Practitioner
(Order 49) Costs
(Order 50) Business in Chambers
(Order 51) Foreclosure and Redemption
(Order 52) Summons to Proceed
(Order 53) Summary Proceedings for Possesstion of Landed Property Occupied by
Squatters or Without the Owner’s Consent
(Order 54) Stay of Execution Pending Appeal
(Order 55) Probate and Administration
Regulating regarding fees


FORM 1 – General Form of Writ of Summons
FORM 2 – Writ for Service out of the jurisdiction
FORM 3 – General Form or Originating Summons
FORM 4 – Originating Summons under (0.3. r. 8 (1))
FORM 5 – Forms of ex-parte Originating Summons
FORM 6 – Form of Memorandum for Renewed Originating Process
FORM 7 – Requests to Minister of Foreign Affairs to transmit Writ to Foreign
FORM 8 – Request for service Abroad (Title as in Form No.4)
FORM 9 – Letter Forwarding Request for Substituted Service
FORM 10 – Request to Minister of Foreign Affairs to transmit Notice of writ to a
Foreign Government.
FORM 11 – Memorandum of Appearance
FORM 12 – Notice of Counterclaim
FORM 13 – Concession to Defence
FORM 14 – Notice of Payment into Court
FORM 15 – Acceptance of Sum paid into Court
FORM 16 – Acceptance of Sum paid into Court By one of Several Defendant
FORM 17 – Hearing Notice for Pre-Trial Conference
FORM 18 – Pre-Trial Information Sheet
FORM 19 – Interrogatories
FORM 20 – Answer to interrogatories
FORM 21 – Affidavit as to Documents
FORM 22 – Form of order for Accounts and Inquiries
FORM 23 – Legal Practitioner’s Undertaking as to Expenses
FORM 24 – Letter of Request to take Evidence Abroad
FORM 25 – Order of Appointment of the Nigeria Diplomatic Agent As Special
Examiner (in Convention Country)
FORM 26 – Form of Praecipe (0. 32. r. 20)
FORM 27 – Subpoena and Testificandum
FORM 28 – Habeas Corpus Ad Testificandum
FORM 29 – Subpoena duces Tecum
FORM 30 – Form of Guarantee for the Acts and Defaults of a Receiver
FORM 31 – Receiver’s Security by Undertaking
FORM 32 – Receiver’s Account
FORM 33 – Affidavit Verifying Receiver’s Account
FORM 34 – Certificate of the Chief Registrar
FORM 35 – Order for Payment of Principal Money or Interest secured by Mortgage or
FORM 36 – Order for Possession of Property forming a security for payment to the
Claimant of any principal Money
or Interest
FORM 37 – Order for Payment of Principal Money- or Interest Secured by Mortgage
or charge and for Possession of
Property comprised therein
FORM 38 – Originating Summons for Possession
FORM 39 – Order for Possession

Probate Forms

PROBATE FORM 1 (0. 55. R. 35(3)) Surety’s Guarantee
PROBATE FORM 2 (0. 55. r. 69(3)c)) Surety’s Guarantee on Application for resealing
PROBATE FORM 3 (0. 55. r. 71 (3) Notice to Prohibit Grant
PROBATE FORM 4 (0. 55. r. 71 (4) Caveat
PROBATE FORM 5 (0. 55. r. 71 (8) Warning to Caveator
PROBATE FORM 6 (0. 55. R. 71 (9) Appearance to Warning/Citation
PROBATE FORM 7 (0. 55. R. 82(1)) Notice of Election to redeem Life Interest