Legal Research in Nigeria

Legal Research in Nigeria

Legal Research is the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary for making legal decisions or reaching legal conclusions. It involves finding the appropriate law that governs an activity or sector, as well as materials that analyze the law. Legal research is the process of determining the legal position of a subject-matter.

In Nigeria, a good legal research will identify the position of the subject-matter from primary to secondary sources of law. A look at the position of the law in foreign jurisdiction is also important when necessary.

Therefore, a careful study of statutory provisions and judicial precedents are of ultimate importance as primary sources of law in Nigeria. Additionally, a look into legal dictionaries, reports, articles, law digests etc. written by professionals in the field is significant.

Nigerian Legal Research at LawGlobal Hub

LawGlobal Hub as a top legal web repository/blog has helped thousands of Nigeria find legal information online. From legal articles, statutory provisions, to rationes decidendi, LawGlobal Hub has provided easily accessible legal provisions for more than two years for legal practitioners, law students and other users.

We are happy to help you find out the position of the law on that topic, phrase, inquiry etc. Fill form below and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What do we do?

We determine the position of the law on your enquiry and submit a report to you. Importantly, our legal research option comes with a price tag, based on how robust you desire our report to be.

We look into, as necessary:
– Federal Statutory Provisions
– State Statutory Provisions
– Decisions of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
– Decisions of the Court of Appeal of Nigeria
– Provisions of International Statutes
– Other professional legal writings
– National Statutes of other countries
– We also reach out to Legal Practitioners

Our report captures our findings as it best suit your research.

N.B Note that this is not a Legal Article Writing Service. Fill the form below and let us do your legal research for you.

    Disclaimer: LawGlobal Hub is NOT a Law Firm and does not engage in legal practice or legal advisory. LawGlobal Hub only does your legal research and submit a report to you. Nothing on this page (or in our report) constitutes legal advice or creates a lawyer-client relationship. Thank you.