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Category: Laws of Nigeria

Associated Gas Re-injection Act 1979 (NG)

Associated Gas Re-injection Act An Act to compel every company producing oil and gas in Nigeria to submit preliminary programmes for gas re-injection and detailed plans for implementation of gas re-injection.  [Commencement.]         [28th September, 1979] 1. Duty to submit preliminary programme for gas re-injection Notwithstanding the provisions of regulation 42 . . . Read more

Army Color (Prohibition of Use) Act 1977 (NG)

Army Color (Prohibition of Use) Act An Act to prohibit the use of army green colour (as specified in the Schedule) by vehicles other than Nigerian Army vehicles.  [Commencement.]          [4th April, 1977] 1. Prohibition of use of vehicles painted in army green As from the commencement of this Act, . . . Read more

Armed Forces Pensions Act 1974 (NG)

Armed Forces Pensions Act An Act to consolidate all enactments dealing with pensions, war pensions and disability benefits and gratuities for members of the armed forces of the Federation, (taking into account the new pensions and gratuities devised for the armed forces).[Commencement.] [1st April, 1974] 1. Computation of pension or . . . Read more

Armed Forces Comfort Fund Act 1971 (NG)

Armed Forces Comfort Fund Act An Act to establish the Armed Forces Comfort Fund primarily for the provisions of comfort and relief to the members of the Armed Forces.  [Commencement.]     [29th December, 1971] 1. Establishment of the Armed Forces Comfort Fund There shall be established a fund to be . . . Read more

Armed Forces Act 1994 (NG)

Armed Forces Act An Act to provide for the command, maintenance and administration of the Armed Forces of the Federation. [Commencement. ]         [6th July, 1994] Establishment and Composition of the Armed Forces 1. Establishment and functions of the Armed Forces (1) There is hereby established for the Federation an . . . Read more

Architects (Registration, etc.) Act 1969 (NG)

Architects (Registration, etc.) Act An Act to provide for the registration of the profession of architects by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria, and for all other matters connected with that profession.  [Commencement. ]       [3rd July, 1969] Architects Registration Council of Nigeria 1. Use of appellation of “architect” Subject to . . . Read more

Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1988 (NG)

Arbitration and Conciliation Act

Arbitration and Conciliation Act An Act to provide a unified legal framework for the fair and efficient settlement of commercial disputes by arbitration and conciliation; and to make applicable the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards (New York Convention) to any award made in Nigeria or in . . . Read more

Animal Diseases (Control) Act, 1988 (NG)

Animal Diseases (Control) Act An Act to provide for the control and prevention of animal diseases, with the object of preventing the introduction and spread of infectious and contagious diseases among animals, hatcheries and poultries in Nigeria.[Commencement] [24th February, 1988] 1. Importation of animals, hatching eggs and poultry (1) As . . . Read more