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Category: Law of Contract

Capacity to Contract (NG)

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Capacity to Contract Capacity to contract, simply put and given a stringent elucidation, is the competence or ability that a person has to enter into a contract. It looks beyond the purpose of the contact. Capacity to contract is the legal competence or legal ability . . . Read more

Contract: Exception Clause (NG)

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Exception Clause in Contract An exception or exclusion clause is a contractual stipulation purporting to exclude the liabilities of one of the parties in the contract. In exception clause, one party to a contract seeks to keep his right but reduces his obligation. Where a . . . Read more

Terms (or Content) of Contract (NG)

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. TERMS OF CONTRACT After the preliminaries of Negotiations, which culminated into offer and acceptance with the requisite intention to create legal relations, the next important thing is the main body of the contract. The terms are items that are well articulated and agreed upon by . . . Read more