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Section 27 Canadian Human Rights Act 1985

OTHER CANADIAN LAWS 1. Short title. 2. Purpose. 3. Prohibited grounds of discrimination. 3.1 Multiple grounds of discrimination. 4. Orders regarding discriminatory practices. 5. Denial of good, service, facility or accommodation. 6. Denial of commercial premises or residential accommodation. 7. Employment. 8. Employment applications, advertisements. 9. Employee organizations. 10. Discriminatory policy or practice. 11. Equal wages. 12. Publication of discriminatory notices, etc. 13. [Repealed, 2013, c. 37, s. 2] 14. Harassment. 14.1 Retaliation. 15. Exceptions. 16. Special programs. 17. Plans to meet the needs of disabled persons. 18. Rescinding approval of plan. 19. Opportunity to make representations. 20. Certain provisions not discriminatory. 21. Funds and plans. 22. Regulations. 23. Regulations. 24. Accessibility standards. 25. Definitions. 26. Commission established. 27. Powers, duties and functions. 28. Assignment of duties. 28.1 Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 29. Regulations. 30. Salaries and remuneration. 31. Chief Commissioner. 32. Staff. 32.1 Accessibility unit. 32.2 Pay Equity Unit. 33. Compliance with security requirements. 34. Head office. 35. Majority is a decision of the Commission. 36. Establishment of divisions. 36.1 Pay Equity Division. 37. By-laws. 38. Superannuation, etc. 38.1. Powers, duties and functions. 38.2. Absence or incapacity of Accessibility Commissioner. 38.3. Powers, duties and functions. 38.4 Absence or incapacity of Pay Equity Commissioner. 39. Definition of discriminatory practice. 40. Complaints. 40.01. Disclosure of personal information. 40.1 Definitions. 40.2 Non-application of sections 7, 10 and 11. 41. Commission to deal with complaint. 42. Notice. 43. Designation of investigator. 44. Report. 45. Definition of Review Agency. 46. Report. 47. Appointment of conciliator. 48. Referral of a settlement to Commission. 48.1 Establishment of Tribunal. 48.2 Terms of office. 48.3 Remedial and disciplinary measures. 48.4 Status of members. 48.5 Residence. 48.6 Remuneration. 48.7 Head office. 48.8 [Repealed, 2014, c. 20, s. 415] 48.9 Conduct of proceedings. 49. Request for inquiry. 50. Conduct of inquiry. 51. Duty of Commission on appearing. 52. Hearing in public subject to confidentiality order. 53. Complaint dismissed. 54. Limitation. 54.1. Definitions. 55. and 56. [Repealed, 1998, c. 9, s. 29] 57. Enforcement of order. 58. Application respecting disclosure of information. 59. Intimidation or discrimination. 60. Offence. 61. Annual report of Commission. 61.1 Minister of Justice. 62. Limitation. 63. Application in the territories. 64. Canadian Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 65. Acts of employees, etc. 66. Binding on Her Majesty 67. [Repealed, 2008, c. 30, s. 1]

Section 27 Canadian Human Rights Act

Section 27 Canadian Human Rights Act 1985 is about Powers, duties and functions. It is under Part II (Canadian Human Rights Commission) and Powers, duties and functions of the Act.

See also  Section 31 Constitution Act 1982 (Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

Powers, duties and functions

(1) In addition to its duties under Part III with respect to complaints regarding discriminatory practices, the Commission is generally responsible for the administration of this Part and Parts I and III and

(a) shall develop and conduct information programs to foster public understanding of this Act and of the role and activities of the Commission thereunder and to foster public recognition of the principle described in section 2;

(b) shall undertake or sponsor research programs relating to its duties and functions under this Act and respecting the principle described in section 2;

(c) shall maintain close liaison with similar bodies or authorities in the provinces in order to foster common policies and practices and to avoid conflicts respecting the handling of complaints in cases of overlapping jurisdiction;

(d) shall perform duties and functions to be performed by it pursuant to any agreement entered into under subsection 28(2);

(e) may consider such recommendations, suggestions and requests concerning human rights and freedoms as it receives from any source and, where deemed by the Commission to be appropriate, include in a report referred to in section 61 reference to and comment on any such recommendation, suggestion or request;

(f) shall carry out or cause to be carried out such studies concerning human rights and freedoms as may be referred to it by the Minister of Justice and include in a report referred to in section 61 a report setting out the results of each such study together with such recommendations in relation thereto as it considers appropriate;

See also  Section 20 Canadian Human Rights Act 1985

(g) may review any regulations, rules, orders, by-laws and other instruments made pursuant to an Act of Parliament and, where deemed by the Commission to be appropriate, include in a report referred to in section 61 reference to and comment on any provision thereof that in its opinion is inconsistent with the principle described in section 2; and

(h) shall, so far as is practical and consistent with the application of Part III, try by persuasion, publicity or any other means that it considers appropriate to discourage and reduce discriminatory practices referred to in sections 5 to 14.1.


(2) The Commission may, on application or on its own initiative, by order, issue a guideline setting out the extent to which and the manner in which, in the opinion of the Commission, any provision of this Act applies in a class of cases described in the guideline.

Guideline binding

(3) A guideline issued under subsection (2) is, until it is revoked or modified, binding on the Commission and any member or panel assigned under subsection 49(2) with respect to the resolution of a complaint under Part III regarding a case falling within the description contained in the guideline.


(4) Each guideline issued under subsection (2) shall be published in Part II of the Canada Gazette.

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