Section 63 Indian Patents Act

Section 63 of the Indian Patents Act

Section 63 of the Indian Patents Act 1970 is about Surrender of patents. It is under CHAPTER XII of the Act. CHAPTER XII is titled SURRENDER AND REVOCATION OF PATENTS.

(1)A patentee may, at any time by giving notice in the prescribed manner to the Controller, offer to surrender his patent.

(2) Where such an offer is made, the Controller shall [publish] the offer in the prescribed manner, and also notify every person other than the patentee whose name appears in the register as having an interest in the patent.

(3) Any person interested may, within the prescribed period after 2[such publication] give notice to the Controller of opposition to the surrender, and where any such notice is given the Controller shall notify the patentee.

(4) If the Controller is satisfied after hearing the patentee and any opponent, if desirous of being heard, that the patent may properly be surrendered, he may accept the offer and, by order revoke the patent.

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