Section 80 Indian Patents Act 1970

Section 80 of the Indian Patents Act 1970

Section 80 of the Indian Patents Act 1970 is about Exercise of discretionary powers by Controller. It is under CHAPTER XV of the Act. CHAPTER XV is titled POWERS OF CONTROLLER GENERALLY.

Without prejudice to any provision contained in this Act requiring the Controller to hear any party to the proceedings thereunder or to give any such party an opportunity to be heard, the Controller shall give to any applicant for a patent, or for amendment of a specification (if within the prescribed time the applicant so requires) an opportunity to be heard before exercising adversely to the applicant any discretion vested in the Controller by or under this Act:

[Provided that the party desiring a hearing makes the request for such hearing to the Controller at least ten days in advance of the expiry of the time-limit specified in respect of the proceeding.]

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