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Article 9-10 Singapore Constitution 1963

Article 9-10 Constitution of Singapore 1963

Article 9, 10 of the Constitution of Singapore 1963, among others, are under Part IV of the Constitution. Part IV is titled Fundamental Liberties.

Article 9 Singapore Constitution 1963

Liberty of the person

1) No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty save in accordance with law.

(2) Where a complaint is made to the General Division of the High Court or any Judge sitting in the General Division of the High Court that a person is being unlawfully detained, the General Division of the High Court shall inquire into the complaint and, unless satisfied that the detention is lawful, shall order him to be produced before the General Division of the High Court and release him.

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(3) Where a person is arrested, he shall be informed as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest and shall be allowed to consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice.

(4) Where a person is arrested and not released, he shall, without unreasonable delay, and in any case within 48 hours (excluding the time of any necessary journey), be produced before a Magistrate, in person or by way of video-conferencing link (or other similar technology) in accordance with law, and shall not be further detained in custody without the Magistrate’s authority.

(5) Clauses (3) and (4) shall not apply to an enemy alien or to any person arrested for contempt of Parliament pursuant to a warrant issued under the hand of the Speaker.

(6) Nothing in this Article shall invalidate any law —
(a) in force before the commencement of this Constitution which authorises the arrest and detention of any person in the interests of public safety, peace and good order; or
(b) relating to the misuse of drugs or intoxicating substances which authorises the arrest and detention of any person for the purpose of treatment and rehabilitation,
by reason of such law being inconsistent with clauses (3) and (4), and, in particular, nothing in this Article shall affect the validity or operation of any such law before 10 March 1978.

Article 10 Singapore Constitution 1963

Slavery and forced labour prohibited

(1) No person shall be held in slavery.

(2) All forms of forced labour are prohibited, but Parliament may by law provide for compulsory service for national purposes.

(3) Work incidental to the serving of a sentence of imprisonment imposed by a court of law shall not be taken to be forced labour within the meaning of this Article.

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