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Article 218-222 Uganda Constitution 1995

National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy Preamble Article 1-4 [Chapter 1 – The Constitution] Article 5-8A [Chapter 2 – The Republic] Article 9-19 [Chapter 3 – Citizenship] Article 20 (Fundamental and other human rights and freedoms) Article 21 (Equality and freedom from discrimination) Article 22 (Protection of right to life) Article 23 (Protection of personal liberty) Article 24 (Respect for human dignity and protection from inhuman treatment) Article 25 (Protection from slavery, servitude and forced labour) Article 26 (Protection from deprivation of property) Article 27 (Right to privacy of person, home and other property) Article 28 (Right to a fair hearing) Article 29 (Protection of freedom of conscience, expression, movement, religion, assembly and association) Article 30 (Right to education) Article 31 (Rights of the family) Article 32 (Affirmative action in favour of marginalised groups) Article 33 (Rights of women) Article 34 (Rights of children) Article 35 (Rights of persons with disabilities) Article 36 (Protection of rights of minorities) Article 37 (Right to culture and similar rights) Article 38 (Civic rights and activities) Article 39 (Right to a clean and healthy environment) Article 40 (Economic rights) Article 41 (Right of access to information) Article 42 (Right to just and fair treatment in administrative decisions) Article 43 (General limitation on fundamental and other human rights and freedoms) Article 44 (Prohibition of derogation from particular human rights and freedoms) Article 45 (Human rights and freedoms additional to other rights) Article 46-49 (Human Rights and Freedoms During a State of Emergency) Article 50 (Enforcement of Rights and Freedoms by Courts) Article 51-58 (Uganda Human Rights Commission) Article 59 (Right to vote) Article 60-68 (Electoral Commission) Article 69-76 (Political Systems & General) Article 77-87A (Establishment Composition and Functions of Parliament) Article 88-97 (Procedure of Parliament & General) Article 98-110 (The President) Article 111-119A (The Cabinet) Article 120-125 Article 126-136 Article 137-145 Article 146-151 Article 152-160 [FINANCE – General] Article 161-164 [Central Bank of Uganda & Auditor-General] Article 165-175 [Chapter 10 – The Public Service] Article 176-189 Article 190-200 Article 201-207 Article 208-217 Article 218-222 Article 223-232 [Chapter 13 – Inspectorate of Government] Article 233-236 [Chapter 14 – Leadership Code of Conduct] Article 237-245 [Chapter 15 – Leadership Code of Conduct] Article 246 [Chapter 16 – Institution of traditional or cultural leaders] Article 247-257 Article 258-262 (Amendment of the Constitution) Article 263-274 Article 275-288 Article 289-294 First Schedule Second Schedule Third Schedule Forth Schedule Fifth Schedule Sixth Schedule Seventh Schedule

Article 218-222 Uganda Constitution 1995

Article 218, 219, 220, 221, and 222 of the Uganda Constitution 1995 are under ‘Intelligence services’, ‘National Security Council’ and ‘General’ of Chapter 12 of the Constitution. Chapter 12 is titled ‘Defence And National Security‘.

Article 218 Uganda Constitution 1995

Intelligence services

(1) Parliament may by law establish intelligence services and may prescribe their composition, functions and procedures.
(2) No intelligence service shall be established by the Government except by or under an Act of Parliament.

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Article 219 Uganda Constitution 1995

National Security Council

There shall be a National Security Council which shall consist of the President as chairperson and such other members as Parliament may determine.

Article 220 Uganda Constitution 1995

Functions of the National Security Council

The functions of the National Security Council are—
(a) to inform and advise the President on matters relating to national security; and
(b) any other functions prescribed by Parliament.

Article 221 Uganda Constitution 1995

Security organisations to observe human rights

It shall be the duty of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces and any other armed force established in Uganda, the Uganda Police Force and any other police force, the Uganda Prisons Service, all intelligence services and the National Security Council to observe and respect human rights and freedoms in the performance of their functions.

Article 222 Uganda Constitution 1995

Parliament to regulate possession and use of firearms and ammunition

Parliament shall make laws to regulate the possession and use of firearms and ammunition.

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