Section 415 Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 NG

Section 415 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015

Section 415 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 is under PART 39 of the Act. It is about PROCEDURE WHERE WOMAN CONVICTED OF CAPITAL OFFENCE IS ALLEGED TO BE PREGNANT.

Headline: Procedure where woman convicted of capital offence is alleged to be pregnant or who becomes pregnant.

(1) Where a woman convicted of an offence punishable with death alleges that she is pregnant, or where the court before which she is so convicted thinks so, the court shall before sentence is passed on her, determine the question whether or not she is pregnant.

(2) The question whether the woman is pregnant or not shall be determined by the court on such evidence as may be presented to the court by the woman or on her behalf or by the prosecutor.

(3) Where in proceedings under this section the court finds that the woman in question is not pregnant the court shall pronounce sentence of death upon her.

(4) Where in the proceedings under this section, the court finds the woman in question to be pregnant, the court shall sentence her to death subject to the provision of section 404 of this Act.

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