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Section 38.02 Canadian Evidence Act 1985

OTHER CANADIAN LAWS 1. Short title. 2. Application. 3. Interest or crime. 4. Accused and spouse. 5. Incriminating questions. 6. Evidence of person with physical disability. 6.1 Identification of accused. 7. Expert witnesses. 8. Handwriting comparison. 9. Adverse witnesses. 10. Cross-examination as to previous statements. 11. Cross-examination as to previous oral statements. 12. Examination as to previous convictions. 13. Who may administer oaths. 14. Solemn affirmation by witness instead of oath. 15. Solemn affirmation by deponent. 16. Witness whose capacity is in question. 16.1 Person under fourteen years of age. 17. Imperial Acts, etc. 18. Acts of Canada. 19. Copies by Queen’s Printer. 20. Imperial proclamations, etc. 21. Proclamations, etc., of Governor General. 22. Proclamations, etc., of lieutenant governor. 23. Evidence of judicial proceedings, etc. 24. Certified copies. 25. Books and documents. 26. Books kept in offices under Government of Canada. 27. Notarial acts in Quebec. 28. Notice of production of book or document. 29. Copies of entries. 30. Business records to be admitted in evidence. 31. Definitions. 31.1 Authentication of electronic documents. 31.2 Application of best evidence rule — electronic documents. 31.3 Presumption of integrity. 31.4 Presumptions regarding secure electronic signatures. 31.5 Standards may be considered. 31.6 Proof by affidavit. 31.7 Application. 31.8 Definitions. 32. Order signed by Secretary of State. 33. Proof of handwriting of person certifying. 34. Attesting witness. 35. Impounding of forged instrument. 36. Construction. 36.1 Definition of official. 37. Objection to disclosure of information. 37.1 Appeal to court of appeal. 37.2 Limitation periods for appeals to Supreme Court of Canada. 37.21 [Repealed, 2004, c. 12, s. 18] 37.3 Protection of right to a fair trial. 38. Definitions. 38.01 Notice to Attorney General of Canada. 38.02 Disclosure prohibited. 38.03 Authorization by Attorney General of Canada. 38.031 Disclosure agreement. 38.04 Application to Federal Court — Attorney General of Canada. 38.05 Report relating to proceedings. 38.06 Disclosure order. 38.07 Notice of order. 38.08 Automatic review. 38.09 Appeal to Federal Court of Appeal. 38.1 Limitation periods for appeals to Supreme Court of Canada. 38.11 Special rules — hearing in private. 38.12 Protective order. 38.13 Certificate of Attorney General of Canada. 38.131 Application for review of certificate. 38.14 Protection of right to a fair trial. 38.15 Fiat. 38.16 Regulations. 38.17 Annual report. 39. Objection relating to a confidence of the Queen’s Privy Council. 39.1 Definitions. 40. How applicable. 41. Solemn declaration. 42. Affidavits, etc. 43. Foreign courts. 44. Definitions. 45. Construction. 46. Order for examination of witness in Canada. 47. Enforcement of the order. 48. Expenses and conduct money. 49. Administering oath. 50. Right of refusal to answer or produce document. 51. Rules of court. 52. Application of this Part. 53. Oaths taken abroad. 54. Documents to be admitted in evidence. SCHEDULE – Designated Entities

Section 38.02 Canadian Evidence Act

Section 38.02 Canadian Evidence Act 1985 is about Disclosure prohibited. It is under International Relations and National Defence and National Security of Part I of the act. The Evidence Act of Canada is an Act respecting witnesses and evidence.

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Disclosure prohibited

(1) Subject to subsection 38.01(6), no person shall disclose in connection with a proceeding

(a) information about which notice is given under any of subsections 38.01(1) to (4);

(b) the fact that notice is given to the Attorney General of Canada under any of subsections 38.01(1) to (4), or to the Attorney General of Canada and the Minister of National Defence under subsection 38.01(5);

(c) the fact that an application is made to the Federal Court under section 38.04 or that an appeal or review of an order made under any of subsections 38.06(1) to (3) in connection with the application is instituted; or

(d) the fact that an agreement is entered into under section 38.031 or subsection 38.04(6).


(1.1) When an entity listed in the schedule, for any purpose listed there in relation to that entity, makes a decision or order that would result in the disclosure of sensitive information or potentially injurious information, the entity shall not disclose the information or cause it to be disclosed until notice of intention to disclose the information has been given to the Attorney General of Canada and a period of 10 days has elapsed after notice was given.


(2) Disclosure of the information or the facts referred to in subsection (1) is not prohibited if

(a) the Attorney General of Canada authorizes the disclosure in writing under section 38.03 or by agreement under section 38.031 or subsection 38.04(6); or

(b) a judge authorizes the disclosure under subsection 38.06(1) or (2) or a court hearing an appeal from, or a review of, the order of the judge authorizes the disclosure, and either the time provided to appeal the order or judgment has expired or no further appeal is available.

See also  Section 21 Canadian Human Rights Act 1985

See also:

Section 38.01 Canadian Evidence Act (Notice to Attorney General of Canada)

Section 38 Canadian Evidence Act (Definitions)

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