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Article 85-92 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Article 85-92 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Article 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92 of the Constitution of Ethiopia 1994 are under Chapter ten of the Act. Chapter ten is titled National Policy Principles and Objectives.

Article 85 Ethiopian Constitution 1994


1. Any organ of Government shall, in the implementation of the Constitution, other laws and public policies, be guided by the principles and objectives specified under this Chapter.

See also  Article 1-7 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

2. The term “Government” in this Chapter shall mean a Federal or State government as the case may be.

Article 86 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Principles for External Relation

1. To promote policies of foreign relations based on the protection of national interests and respect for the sovereignty of the country.

2. To promote mutual respects for national sovereignty and equality of states and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.

3. To ensure that the foreign relation policies of the country are based on mutual interests and equality of states as well as that international agreements promote the interests of Ethiopia.

4. To observe international agreements which ensure respect for Ethiopia’s sovereignty and are not contrary to the interests of its Peoples.

5. To forge and promote ever growing economic union and fraternal relations of Peoples with Ethiopia’s neighbours and other African countries.

6. To seek and support peaceful solutions to international disputes.

Article 87 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Principles for National Defence

1. The composition of the national armed forces shall reflect the equitable representation of the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia.

2. The Minister of Defence shall be a civilian.

3. The armed forces shall protect the sovereignty of the country and carry out any responsibilities as may be assigned to them under any state of emergency declared in accordance with the Constitution.

4. The armed forces shall al all times obey and respect the Constitution.

5. The armed forces shall carry out their functions free of any partisanship to any political organization(s).

Article 88 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Political Objectives

See also  Article 78-84 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

1. Guided by democratic principles, Government shall promote and support the People’s self-rule at all levels.

2. Government shall respect the identity of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples. Accordingly Government shall have the duty to strengthen ties of equality, unity and fraternity among them.

Article 89 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Economic Objectives

1. Government shall have the duty to formulate policies which ensure that all Ethiopians can benefit from the country’s legacy of intellectual and material resources.

2. Government has the duty to ensure that all Ethiopians get equal opportunity to improve their economic conditions and to promote equitable distribution of wealth among them.

3. Government shall take measures to avert any natural and man-made disasters, and, in the event of disasters, to provide timely assistance to the victims.

4. Government shall provide special assistance to Nations, Nationalities, and People least advantaged in economic and social development.

5. Government has the duty to hold, on behalf of the People, land and other natural resources and to deploy them for their common benefit and development.

6. Government shall at all times promote the participation of the People in the formulation of national development policies and programmes; it shall also have the duty to support the initiatives of the People in their development endeavours.

7. Government shall ensure the participation of women in equality with men in all economic and social development endeavours.

8. Government shall endeavour to protect and promote the health, welfare and living standards of the working population of the country.

See also  Article 13 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Article 90 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Social Objectives

1. To the extent the country’s resources permit, policies shall aim to provide all Ethiopians access to public health and education, clean water, housing, food and social security.

2. Education shall be provided in a manner that is free from any religious influence, political partisanship or cultural prejudices.

Article 91 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

Cultural Objectives

1. Government shall have the duty to support, on the basis of equality, the growth and enrichment of cultures and traditions that are compatible with fundamental rights, human dignity, democratic norms and ideals, and the provisions of the Constitution.

2. Government and all Ethiopian citizens shall have the duty to protect the country’s natural endowment, historical sites and objects.

3. Government shall have the duty, to the extent its resources permit, to support the development of the arts, science and technology.

Article 92 Ethiopian Constitution 1994

environmental Objectives

1. Government shall endeavour to ensure that all Ethiopians live in a clean and healthy environment.

2. The design and implementation of programmes and projects of development shall not damage or destroy the environment.

3. People have the right to full consultation and to the expression of views in the planning and implementation of environmental policies and projects that affect them directly.

4. Government and citizens shall have the duty to protect the environment.

See also: Article 78-84 Ethiopian Constitution 1994 [Chapter Nine – Structure and Powers of the Court]

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