Willie Jacob Udo V. The State (1981) LLJR-SC

Willie Jacob Udo V. The State (1981)

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S. SOWEMIMO, J.S.C.(Delivering the Leading Judgment): On perusal of the record there does not seem anything that could be usefully urged on behalf of the appellant. The appeal is hereby dismissed.

M. BELLO, J.S.C.:  I agree the appeal has no merit and it should be dismissed. The conviction and sentence be re-affirmed.

A. O. OBASEKI, J.S.C.: The appellant slew his brother with a matchet on the road while taking their dead brother, Friday Jacob, home in cold blood and the appellant’s counsel quite rightly, on the evidence on record establishing these facts, declared that there is no merit in the appeal.

I agree with  counsel that the appeal has no merit and I hereby dismiss it. The decision of the courts below, i.e., the Federal Court of Appeal and the High Court is hereby affirmed.

A. NNAMANI, J.S.C.:  I also agree that there is no substance in this appeal. Both learned counsel for the appellant and respondent have rightly agreed that there is nothing to urge in law in favour of the appellant. This was a brutal murder of appellant’s brother. I am satisfied that the appeal ought to be dismissed and it is hereby dismissed.

M. L. UWAIS, J.S.C.: I agree that this appeal should be dismissed. The evidence against the appellant was overwhelming. I accordingly dismiss the appeal and affirm the conviction and sentence.


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