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Home » United Nations » United Nations Security Council Resolution 791 – El Salvador

United Nations Security Council Resolution 791 – El Salvador

United Nations Security Council Resolution 791 – El Salvador

Resolution 791 (1992)

The Security Council, Recalling its resolution 637 (1989) of 27 July 1989,

Recalling also its resolutions 693 (1991) of 20 May 1991, 714 (1991) of 30 September 1991, 729 (1992) of 14 January 1992 and 784 (1992) of 30 October 1992,

Having studied the report of the Secretary-General dated 23 November 1992 (S/24833 and Add.1),

Noting with appreciation the continuing efforts of the Secretary-General to support implementation of the several agreements signed between 4 April 1990 and 16 January 1992 by the Government of El Salvador and the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (FMLN) to re-establish peace and promote reconciliation in El Salvador,

Noting the intention of the Secretary-General to continue, in this as in other peace-keeping operations, to monitor expenditures carefully during this period of increasing demands on peace-keeping resources,

  1. Approves the report of the Secretary-General;

2. Decides to extend the mandate of the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL) as defined in resolutions 693 (1991) and 729 (1992), for a further period of six months ending on 31 May 1993;

3. Welcomes the intention of the Secretary-General to adapt the future activities and strength of ONUSAL, taking into account progress made in implementing the peace process;

4. Urges both parties to respect scrupulously and to implement in good faith the solemn commitments they have assumed under the agreements signed on 16 January 1992 at Mexico City and to exercise the utmost moderation and restraint, both at present and following the conclusion of the cease-fire phase, in order to respect the new deadlines agreed upon by them for the successful completion of the peace process and for the restoration of normal conditions, especially in the zones of former conflict;

5. Shares, in this context, the preoccupations expressed by the Secretary-General in paragraph 84 of his report;

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6. Reaffirms its support for the Secretary-General’s use of his good offices in the El Salvador peace process and calls upon both parties to cooperate fully with the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and ONUSAL in their tasks of assisting and verifying the parties’ implementation of their commitments;

7. Requests all States, as well as the international institutions in the fields of development and finance, to continue to support, in particular through voluntary contributions, the peace process;

8. Requests the Secretary-General to keep the Security Council fully informed of further developments in the El Salvador peace process and to report, as necessary, on all aspects of ONUSAL’s operations, at the latest before the expiry of the new mandate period;

9. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Adopted by the Security Council at its 3142nd meeting, on 30 November 1992.

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