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Section 9 Indian Divorce Act 1869

Section 9 Indian Divorce Act

Section 9 of the Indian Divorce Act 1869 is about Reference to High Court. It is under CHAPTER II (JURISDICTION) of the Act.

Reference to High Court

When any question of law or usage having the force of law arises at any point in the proceedings previous to the hearing of any suit under this Act by a District Court or at any subsequent stage of such suit, or in the execution of the decree therein or order thereon,

the Court may, either of its own motion or on the application of any of the parties, draw up a statement of the case and refer it, with the Courts own opinion thereon, to the decision of the High Court.

If the question has arisen previous to or in the hearing, the District Court may either stay such proceedings, or proceed in the case pending such reference, and pass a decree contingent upon the opinion of the High Court upon it.

If a decree or order has been made, its execution shall be stayed until the receipt of the order of the High Court upon such reference.

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