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Section 30 Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020

Section 30 CAMA 2020

Section 30 Companies and Allied Matters Act is about Change of name of company. It is under Chapter 1 (Name of Company) of PART B (INCORPORATION OF COMPANIES AND INCIDENTAL MATTERS) of the Act.

Change of name of company

(1) If a company, through inadvertence or otherwise, on its first registration or on its registration by a new name, is registered under a name identical with that by which a company in existence is previously registered, or nearly resembling it to be likely to deceive, the first-mentioned company may, with the approval of the Commission, change its name, and if the Commission directs, the company concerned shall change its name within six weeks from the date of the direction or such longer period as the Commission may allow.

(2) If a company defaults in complying with a direction under subsection (1), such company shall, without prejudice to any other lawful action which the Commission may take against it, be liable to a penalty as prescribed by the Commission, for every day during which the default continues.

(3) Any company may, by special resolution and with the approval of the Commission signified in writing, change its name, provided that no such approval shall be required where the only change in the name of a company is the substitution of the words, “Public Limited Company”, for the word, “Limited” or vice versa on the conversion of a private company into a public company or a public company into a private company in accordance with this Act.

(4) Nothing in this Act precludes the Commission from requiring a company to change its name if it discovers that such a name conflicts with an existing trade mark or business name registered in Nigeria prior to the registration of the company and the consent of the owner of the trade mark or business name was not obtained.

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(5) Where a company changes its name, the Commission shall enter the new name on the register in place of the former name, and issue a certificate of incorporation altered to meet the circumstances of the case.

(6) The change of name does not affect any right or obligation of the company, or render defective any legal proceeding by or against the company, and any legal proceeding that could have been continued or commenced against or by it in its former name, may be continued or commenced against or by it in its new name.

(7) Any change made in the name of a company under this section shall be published periodically by the Commission in a national daily newspaper and on its website.

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