Section 108 Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020

Section 108 CAMA 2020

Section 108 Companies and Allied Matters Act is about Impersonation of member. It is under Chapter 6 (Membership of the Company) of PART B (Incorporation of Companies and Incidental Matters) of the Act.

Impersonation of member

If a person falsely and deceitfully impersonates any member of a company and thereby obtains or endeavours to obtain any benefit due to any such member, he commits an offence and is liable on conviction to—
(a) imprisonment for a term of not more than seven years or a fine as the court deems fit ;
(b) pay such additional fines as the Commission may specify by regulation ; and
(c) account to the aggrieved member for any benefit which he directly or indirectly derived as a result of his act of impersonation.

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