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Oruonye Onwunali V. The State (1982) LLJR-SC

Oruonye Onwunali V. The State (1982)

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The appeal against the judgment of the High Court was struck out at the Federal Court of Appeal because the notice of appeal was wrongly headed. The Court of Appeal cited the judgment of this court in Addis Ababa and Anor. v. Adeyemi  (1976) 12 S.C 51.In Nofiu Surakatu v. Nigerian Housing Development Co. Ltd. (1981) 4 S.C. 26, this court set aside the decision in Addis Ababa (supra). In that circumstance, this appeal succeeds and it is allowed.

The appeal will therefore be remitted to the Court of Appeal to be heard on the merits.

Other Citation: (1981) LCN/2135(SC)

See also  Osuji V. Ekeocha (2009) LLJR-SC

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