Nwagwu Agwuaja V. The State (1982) LLJR-SC

Nwagwu Agwuaja V. The State (1982)

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The appellant was charged with the offence of murder, tried, convicted and sentenced to death, in the High Court. His defence of provocation and self defence were both considered and in my view properly rejected. He appealed to the Federal Court of Appeal and this was dismissed as well.

The act of the accused is very reprehensive, cutting down, killing people all around him without any cause whatsoever. Counsel for the appellant, F. O. Akinrele, SAN, having perused the records informs us both in his brief and oral statement in court that he has nothing to urge in favour of the appellant.

The Deputy Director of Prosecutions of Rivers State, Mr. Inkotariah also informed the court that he has nothing to urge in favour of the appellant. I have looked through the proceedings before us and could see no point which has been raised which will justify this court to interfere with the judgment of the court below.

The appeal is therefore dismissed. Judgments are therefore confirmed and the appeal stands dismissed. 


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