Article III Section 32 Pennsylvania Constitution – Certain Local and Special Laws

Article III Section 32 Pennsylvania Constitution

Article III Section 32 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is about Certain Local and Special Laws. Article III is titled Legislation, it has 32 sections.

Certain Local and Special Laws

The General Assembly shall pass no local or special law in any case which has been or can be provided for by general law and specifically the General assembly shall not pass any local or special law.

  1. Regulating the affairs of counties, cities, townships, wards, boroughs, or school districts.
  2. Vacating roads, town plats, streets or alleys.
  3. Locating or changing county seats, erecting new counties or changing county lines.
  4. Erecting new townships or boroughs, changing township lines, borough limits or school districts.
  5. Remitting fines, penalties and forfeitures, or refunding moneys legally paid into the treasury.
  6. Exempting property from taxation.
  7. regulating labor, trade, mining or manufacturing.
  8. Creating corporations, or amending, renewing or extending the charters thereof.
    Nor shall the General Assembly indirectly enact any special or local law by the partial repeal of a general law; but laws repealing local or special acts may be passed.

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