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Home » United Nations » United Nations Security Council Resolution 307 – The India/Pakistan Subcontinent

United Nations Security Council Resolution 307 – The India/Pakistan Subcontinent

United Nations Security Council Resolution 307 – The India/Pakistan Subcontinent

Resolution 307 (1971) of 21 December 1971

The Security Council,

Having discussed the grave situation in the subcontinent, which remains a threat to international peace and security,

Noting General Assembly resolution 2793 (XXVI) of 7 December 1971,

Noting the reply of the Government of Pakistan on 9 December 1971,118

Noting the reply of the Government of India on 12 December 1971,

Having heard the statements of the Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan55 and the Foreign Minister of India,56

Noting further the statement made at the 1616th meeting of the Security Council by the Foreign Minister of India containing a unilateral declaration of a cease-fire in the western theatre,

Noting Pakistan’s agreement to the cease-fire in the western theatre with effect from 17 December 1971,

Noting that consequently a cease-fire and a cessation of hostilities prevail,

  1. Demands that a durable cease-fire and cessation of all hostilities in all areas of conflict be strictly ob-served and remain in effect until withdrawals take place, as soon as practicable, of all armed forces to their respective territories and to positions which fully respect the cease-fire line in Jammu and Kashmir super-vised by the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan;

2. Calls upon all Member States to refrain from any action which may aggravate the situation in the sub-continent or endanger international peace;

3. Calls upon all those concerned to take all measures necessary to preserve human life and for the observance of the Geneva Conventions of 194958 and to apply in full their provisions as regards the protection of the wounded and sick, prisoners of war and civilian population;

4. Calls for international assistance in the relief of suffering and the rehabilitation of refugees and their return in safety and dignity to their homes, and for full co-operation with the Secretary-General to that effect;

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5. Authorizes the Secretary-General to appoint if necessary a special representative to lend his good offices for the solution of humanitarian problems;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to keep the Council informed without delay on developments relating to the implementation of the present resolution;

7. Decides to remain seized of the matter and to keep it under active consideration.

Adopted at the 1621st meeting by 13 votes to none, with 2 abstentions (Poland, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

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