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Home » United Nations » United Nations Security Council Resolution 1310 – Middle East

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1310 – Middle East

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1310 – Middle East

Resolution 1310 (2000)

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978) of 19 March 1978, 501(1982) of 25 February 1982, 508 (1982) of 5 June 1982, 509 (1982) of 6 June 1982and 520 (1982) of 17 September 1982, as well as its resolutions on the situation inLebanon and also its resolution 1308 (2000) of 17 July 2000,

Recalling also the statements of its President of 20 April 2000(S/PRST/2000/13), 23 May 2000 (S/PRST/2000/18) and 18 June (S/PRST/2000/21)on the situation in Lebanon, in particular its endorsement of the work done by theUnited Nations as mandated by the Security Council including the Secretary-General’s conclusion that as of 16 June 2000 Israel had withdrawn its forces fromLebanon in accordance with resolution 425 (1978) and met the requirements definedin the Secretary-General’s report of 22 May 2000 (S/2000/460),

Welcoming the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) of 20 July 2000 (S/2000/718) and its observations and recommendations mentioned therein,

Emphasizing the interim nature of UNIFIL,

Recalling the relevant principles contained in the Convention on the Safety ofUnited Nations and Associated Personnel adopted on 9 December 1994,

Responding to the request of the Government of Lebanon, as stated in the letter from its Permanent Representative to the United Nations of 11 July 2000 to theSecretary-General (S/2000/674),

  1. Endorses the understanding, mentioned in the report of the Secretary-General of 20 July 2000, that the Force will deploy and function fully throughout itsarea of operations and that the Government of Lebanon will strengthen its presencein this area, by deploying additional troops and internal security forces;
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2. Decides, in this context, to extend the present mandate of UNIFIL for afurther period of 6 months, until 31 January 2001;

3. Reiterates its strong support for the territorial integrity, sovereignty andpolitical independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries;

4. Welcomes the statement in the Secretary-General’s letter to the Presidentof the Security Council of 24 July 2000 (S/2000/731) that, as of that date, theGovernment of Israel had removed all violations of the withdrawal line;

5. Calls on the parties to respect that line, to exercise utmost restraint and to cooperate fully with the United Nations and with UNIFIL;

6. Calls on the Government of Lebanon to ensure the return of its effectiveauthority and presence in the south, and in particular to proceed with a significantdeployment of the Lebanese armed forces as soon as possible;

7. Welcomes the establishment of checkpoints by the Government ofLebanon in the vacated area, and encourages the Government of Lebanon to ensurea calm environment throughout the south, including through the control of allcheckpoints;

8. Welcomes the measures taken by the Secretary-General and the troopcontributing countries regarding UNIFIL military personnel and deployment, asagreed to in the above-mentioned statements of its President, and reaffirms that theexpected redeployment of UNIFIL should be conducted in coordination with theGovernment of Lebanon and the Lebanese armed forces;

9. Re-emphasizes the terms of reference and general guidelines of UNIFILas stated in the report of the Secretary-General of 19 March 1978 (S/12611),approved by resolution 426 (1978);

10. Requests the Secretary-General to continue consultations with theGovernment of Lebanon and other parties directly concerned on the implementationof this resolution and to report to the Security Council thereon;

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11. Looking forward to the early fulfilment of the mandate of UNIFIL;

12. Welcomes the intention of the Secretary-General to submit to the Councilby 31 October 2000 a report on progress towards achieving the objectives ofresolution 425 (1978) and towards completion by UNIFIL of the tasks originally assigned to it, and requests the Secretary-General to include in this report recommendations on the tasks that could be carried out by the United Nations TruceSupervision Organization (UNTSO);

13. Decides to review the situation, by early November 2000, and to considerany steps it deems appropriate regarding UNIFIL, on the basis of this report, theextent of the deployment of UNIFIL and the actions taken by the Government ofLebanon to restore its effective authority and presence in the area, in particularthrough a significant deployment of the Lebanese armed forces;

14. Stresses the importance of, and the need to achieve, a comprehensive,just and lasting peace in the Middle East, based on all its relevant resolutions including its resolutions 242 (1967) of 22 November 1967 and 338 (1973) of 22October 1973.

Adopted by the Security Council at its 4177th meeting, on 27 July 2000

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