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Top Benefits of Employer Accreditation Renewal

Top Benefits of Employer Accreditation Renewal

Recent studies show that New Zealand’s workforce includes employees from outside the country. Employers are competing for the best talent from within and outside the country’s borders. The Accredited Employer Work Visa allows companies to bring the best employees into the country without too many hurdles.

But before you hire the best talents from overseas, you must get an employer accreditation. Becoming an accredited employer is a vital step. However, maintaining your accreditation is crucial to keeping your standing as a top employer for immigrant workers seeking employment in New Zealand.

In this guide are the top benefits of employer accreditation renewal.

Access to Top International Talent

Stats show that some industries, for example construction, face a skill and worker shortage. However, outside of New Zealand’s borders, there is a massive supply of qualified workers looking for employment. Getting your employer accreditation renewed helps you attract these candidates.

Bringing in competent employees ready to hit the ground running will propel your business to greater heights. This also makes it easier for your company to retain its top talents instead of losing them to a competitor.

Smoother Visa Process

The Accredited Employer Work Visa makes it easier for your employees to get a visa once they land in New Zealand. Accredited employers can help their new workforce apply and get their visas fast. This can be an attractive offer if you are trying to convince remote workers to shift and work from your main office.

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Shorter visa application times translate to quicker onboarding, allowing the new hires to start working as soon as possible. As mentioned, maintaining your status via employer accreditation renewal will help you retain your best talent and stay competitive.

Excellent Reviews From Employees

Many people are skeptical of moving to and working in a foreign country. Most fear that if their employment visa expires, they must return to their mother country and start over again. However, accreditation renewal adds more confidence to your employees, building trust and commitment.

The best side is that your workers will put in a good word about your company on review sites like Glassdoor. In today’s competitive job market, a good review can help you beat the competition and attract top talent looking for opportunities in New Zealand to your company.

Continuous Compliance and Improvement

Employer accreditation renewal is more than submitting a bunch of papers. It is about showing your commitment to complying with the rules and regulations. It also shows your commitment to your employees.

A lot of background work and checks go on during the renewal process. Part of the process includes reviewing your employment practices and policies to ensure compliance with labor standards. This can help you identify areas that need improvement and what you can do to make your employees perform better.

Wrapping Up

Assembling a diverse and inclusive working environment can help your business achieve success. Attracting talent from outside the country allows you to build a diverse and inclusive workforce. The unique culture can help create a more innovative and fun work environment.

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