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Judicial Precedents (Case laws) for Theories of Law (NG)

caselaw for theories of law

N.B. This article is particular to Nigeria. Case Laws (Judicial Precedents) for Law Theories In answering law questions, it is important that relevant case laws be mentioned to support points. Here are a number of case laws or judicial precedents for various theories of law. Case law for theories of law 1. Positive Theory of Law Uwaifo […]

Positive Theory of Law and Arguments Against It – Inioluwa Olaposi

Positive theory of law

Positive Theory of Law The concept of the ‘Positive Theory of Law’ is not a difficult one to understand. Well, if it is given the simple explanation it deserves. And for this sake, it is important that the main words that makeup the concept be broken down. This is to aid our understanding. The Positive […]

Natural Theory of Law: merits and demerits – Inioluwa Olaposi

Natural theory of law

Natural Theory of Law Natural law is a broad and often misapplied term. It goes around various schools of thought in different disciplines like Philosophy, Science, Law, etc. In the light of this fact, it is therefore crucial that a clear understanding about the subject-matter be gotten. This includes the understanding of the keywords, ‘natural’ […]

Law: Definition, Meaning, Legal Meaning of Law

law definition

What is Law? Definition of Law “A law is an expression, indicator, or imposer of a consistent reality.” I’ll get to explain this definition in a while. Still on Law definition and meaning. (This is a general definition from me, however) Definitions are essential. Law definition and meaning is not an exception. And before we […]