Section 60 Indian Stamp Act 1899

Section 60 Indian Stamp Act

Section 60 of the Indian Stamp Act 1899 is about Statement of case by other Courts to High Court. It is under CHAPTER VI (Reference And Revision) of the Act.

Statement of case by other Courts to High Court.

(1) If any Court, other than a Court mentioned in section 57, feels doubt as to the amount of duty to be paid in respect of any instrument under proviso (a) to section 35, the Judge may draw up a statement of the case and refer it, with his own opinion thereon, for the decision of the High Court 1*** to which, if he were the Chief Controlling Revenue-authority, he would, under section 57, refer the same.

(2) Such Court shall deal with the case as if it had been referred under section 57, and send a copy of its judgment under the seal of the Court and the signature of the Registrar to the Chief Controlling Revenue-authority and another like copy to the Judge making the reference, who shall, on receiving such copy, dispose of the case conformably to such judgment.

(3) Reference made under sub-section (1), when made by a Court subordinate to a District Court, shall be made through the District Court, and, when made by any subordinate Revenue Court, shall be made through the Court immediately superior.

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