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Section 24 Indian Divorce Act 1869

Section 24 Indian Divorce Act

Section 24 of the Indian Divorce Act 1869 is about Separated wife deemed spinster with respect to after-acquired property. It is under CHAPTER V (JUDICIAL SEPARATION) of the Act.

Separated wife deemed spinster with respect to after-acquired property

In every case of a judicial separation under this Act, the wife shall from the date of the sentence, and whilst the separation continues, be considered as unmarried with respect to property of every description which she may acquire, or which may come to or devolve upon her.

Such property may be disposed of by her in all respects as an unmarried woman, and on her decease the same shall, in case she dies intestate, go as the same would have gone if her husband had been then dead:

Provided that, if any such wife again cohabits with her husband, all such property as she may be entitled to when such cohabitation takes place shall be held to her separate use, subject, however, to any agreement in writing made between herself and her husband whilst separate.

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