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Project CLS – Registration

LawGlobal Hub is starting Project CLS (Cross-border Legal Study). And we are looking for volunteers to join the project. Each volunteer on this project is called a correspondent. Would you love to join? Here are a few points to note.

  1. As a correspondent, you are willing to write on contemporary legal positions as they relate to your country.
  2. CLS is not a one time project. We wish to continue topic after topic. But you are free to leave at any point.
  3. This position is only open to people outside Nigeria.
  4. This position is only open to Law students or lawyers. Only one correspondent shall be chosen for each country.
  5. As a correspondent, you shall be recognized on our website, and you may publicly display your affiliation to LawGlobal Hub.
  6. Correspondents shall be added to a Telegram page for connection and easy dissemination of information.
  7. Above all, thank you for wanting to join this project. And we would love to have you onboard.

Please fill the form below for us to process your application

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