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Constitution of California (Articles, Sections, text)

Constitution of California

The Constitution of California is the primary law for the state of California, United States. With 32 articles, over 350 sections and about 75,000 words, it describes the duties, powers, structures and functions of the government of California.

Articles of California Constitution

Preamble to the California Constitution

Article I Declaration Of Rights [section 1 – Sec. 32]

Article II Voting, Initiative And Referendum, And Recall [section 1 – Sec. 20]

Article III State Of California [sec. 1 – Sec. 9]

Article IV Legislative [sec. 1 – Sec. 28]

Article V Executive [section 1 – Sec. 14]

Article VI Judicial [sec. 1 – Sec. 22]

Article VII Public Officers And Employees [section 1 – Sec. 11]

Article IX Education [section 1 – Sec. 16]

Article X Water [section 1 – Sec. 7]

Article X A Water Resources Development [section 1 – Sec. 8]

Article X B Marine Resources Protection Act Of 1990 [section 1 – Sec. 16]

Article XI Local Government [sec. 1 – Sec. 15]

Article XII Public Utilities [section 1 – Sec. 9]

Article XIII Taxation [sec. 1 – Sec. 36]

Article XIII A [tax Limitation] [section 1 – Sec. 7]

Article XIII B Government Spending Limitation [sec. 1 – Sec. 15]

Article XIII C [voter Approval For Local Tax Levies] [section 1 – Sec. 3]

Article XIII D [assessment And Property-related Fee Reform] [section 1 – Sec. 6]

Article XIV Labor Relations [section 1 – Section 5]

Article XV Usury [section 1]

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Article XVI Public Finance [section 1 – Sec. 23]

Article XVIII Amending And Revising The Constitution [sec. 1 – Sec. 4]

Article XIX Motor Vehicle Revenues [section 1 – Sec. 10]

Article XIX A Loans From The Public Transportation Account Or Local Transportation Funds [section 1 – Sec. 2]

Article XIX B Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales Tax Revenues And Transportation Improvement Funding [section 1 – Sec. 2]

Article XIX C [enforcement Of Certain Provisions] [section 1 – Sec. 4]

Article XIX D Vehicle License Fee Revenues For Transportation Purposes [section 1]

Article XX Miscellaneous Subjects [sec. 1 – Sec. 23]

Article XXI Redistricting Of Senate, Assembly, Congressional And Board Of Equalization Districts [section 1 – Sec. 3]

Article Xxii [architectural And Engineering Services] [section 1 – Sec. 2]

Article XXXIV Public Housing Project Law [section 1 – Section 4]

Article XXXV Medical Research [section 1 – Sec. 7]

How many constitutions has California had?

The U.S. state of California has had two constitutions. The first Constitution of California was ratified on November 13, 1849, before California was admitted into the Union in September 9, 1850. The current constitution of California was ratified on May 7, 1879. And it has been amended over 500 times.

How is California’s constitution different to the US Constitution?

The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme law of the land. It provides for the basic rights of the citizens. While the California constitution gives more elaboration and provides for additional protection, stating the duties, powers, structure, and functions of the state government.

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  1. California’s Constitution [sic] 1879. was no properly amended. How come it did not become amended? Several reasons: Article II of the Constitution 1849 required voters who were White Men and white Mexican males to vote, excluding every one else, which included blacks, yellow (asians), indians, and others. Article X required both full houses to be present and vote in the house and senate. At the time of voting, only 7 persons were present who voted. Further, the according to the California Archivist, the final vote was simply a ? This means it was not voted.

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