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Attorney-General of Sierra Leone V. Momo Kamar (1937) LJR-WACA

Attorney-General of Sierra Leone V. Momo Kamar (1937)

LawGlobal Hub Judgment Report – West African Court of Appeal

Charge of trespass under section 89 of Cap. 180 of Laws of Sierra Leone for entry into railway compound by a route marked ” No thoroughfare.”

Held : Such an act is trespass and appellant was properly convicted ; appeal dismissed.

The facts are sufficiently set out in the judgment. S. J. Barla# for Appellant.

The Solicitor-General for Respondent.

The following joint judgment was delivered :-


In this case appellant went into a railway station compound, in which there was a platform, in order to take food to his master, an employee of the railway. But he passed in by a route at the entrance to which there was a notice saying ” No thoroughfare.” The moment he set foot upon that entrance route he became a trespasser. Having entered, he was told by a police constable, acting under general instructions of the General Manager, to go. He refused. He was still a trespasser. For these reasons we agree with the decision of the learned Judge of the Supreme Court, and the appeal is dismissed.

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