Article VII Section 3 Pennsylvania Constitution – Qualifications of Electors

Article VII Section 3 Pennsylvania Constitution

Article VII Section 3 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is about Municipal Election Day; Offices to Be Filled on Election Days. Article VII is titled Elections, it has 14 sections.

Municipal Election Day; Offices to Be Filled on Election Days

All judged elected by the electors of the State at large may be elected at either a general or municipal election, as circumstances may require. All elections for judges of the courts for the several judicial districts, and for county, city, ward, borough, and township officers, for regular terms of service, shall be held on the municipal election day; namely, the Tuesday next following the first Monday of November in each odd-numbered year, but the General Assembly may by law fix a different day, two-thirds of all the members of each House consenting thereto: Provided, That such elections shall be held in an odd-numbered year: Provided further, That all judges for the courts of the several judicial districts holding office at the present time, whose terms of office may end in an odd-numbered year, shall continue to hold their offices until the first Monday of January in the next succeeding even-numbered year.

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