Article III Section 21 Pennsylvania Constitution – Land Title Registration

Article III Section 21 Pennsylvania Constitution

Article III Section 21 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is about Land Title Registration. Article III is titled Legislation, it has 32 sections.

Land Title Registration

Laws may be passed providing for a system of registering, transferring, insuring of and guaranteeing land titles by the State, or by the counties thereof, and for settling and determining adverse or other claims to and interest in lands the titles to which are so registered, transferred, insured, and guaranteed; and for the creation and collection of indemnity funds; and for carrying the system and powers hereby provided for into effect by such existing courts as may be designated by the Legislature. Such laws may provide for continuing the registering, transferring, insuring, and guaranteeing such titles after the first or original registration has been perfected by the court, and provision may be made for raising the necessary funds for expenses and salaries of officers, which shall be paid out of the treasury of the several counties.

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