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Article 134-A Revised Penal Code Philippines

Article 134-A Revised Penal Code

Article 134-A of the Revised Penal Code is about Coup d’etat; How committed. It is under Chapter One (Rebellion, Sedition And Disloyalty) of Title Three (Crimes Against Public Order) of the Code.

Coup d’etat; How committed

The crime of coup d’etat is a swift attack accompanied by violence, intimidation, threat, strategy or stealth, directed against duly constituted authorities of the Republic of the Philippines, or any military camp or installation, communications network, public utilities or other facilities needed for the exercise and continued possession of power, singly or simultaneously carried out anywhere in the Philippines by any person or persons, belonging to the military or police or holding any public office of employment with or without civilian support or participation for the purpose of seizing or diminishing state power. (As amended by R.A. 6968).

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