Section 48-56 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Section 48-56 Nigerian Electoral Act 2022

Section 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 of the Nigerian Electoral Act 2022, among others, are under Part IV of the Act. Part IV is titled PROCEDURE AT ELECTION.

Section 48 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Right to challenge issue of ballot paper

A candidate or a Polling Agent may challenge the right of a person to vote on such grounds and in accordance with such procedures as are provided for in this Act.

Section 49 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Separate queues for men and women

The Presiding officer shall separate the queue between men and women if in that area of the country the culture is such that it does not permit the mingling of men and women in the same queue.

Section 50 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Conduct of poll by open secret ballot

(1) Voting at an election under this Act shall be by open secret ballot.

(2) Subject to section 63 of this Act, voting at an election and transmission of results under this Act shall be in accordance with the procedure determined by the

(3) A voter on receiving a ballot paper shall mark it in the manner prescribed by the

(4) All ballots at an election under this Act at any polling station shall be deposited in the ballot box in the open view of the public.

Section 51 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Over voting

(1) No voter shall vote for more than one candidate or record more than one vote in favour of any candidate at any one election.

(2) Where the number of votes cast at an election in any polling unit exceeds the number of accredited voters in that polling unit, the Presiding officer shall cancel the result of the election in that polling unit.

(3) Where the result of an election is cancelled in accordance with subsection (2), there shall be no return for the election until another poll has taken place in the affected polling unit.

(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (2) and (3) the Commission may, if satisfied that the result of the election will not substantially be affected by voting in
the area where the election is cancelled, direct that a return of the election be made.

Section 52 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Ballot not to be marked by voter for identification

(1) Where a voter makes any writing or mark on a ballot paper by which he or she may be identified, such ballot paper shall be rejected provided that any print resulting from the staining of the thumb of the voter in the voting compartment shall not be or be deemed to be a mark of identification under this section.

(2) The Commission shall use indelible ink for any thumb mark by voters on ballot papers.

Section 53 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Accidental destruction or marking of ballot papers

A voter who by accident deals with his or her ballot paper in such a manner that it may not be conveniently used for voting, may deliver it to the Presiding officer and if the Presiding officer is satisfied that the ballot paper is spoilt he or she shall issue another ballot paper to tire voter in place of the ballot paper delivered up, and the spoilt ballot paper shall be immediately marked cancelled by the Presiding officer.

Section 54 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Visually impaired and incapacitated voters

(1) A Voter with visual impairment or other form of disability who is otherwise unable to distinguish symbol or who suffers from any other physical disability may be accompanied into the polling unit by a person chosen by him or her and that person shall, after informing the Presiding officer of the disability, be permitted to accompany the voter into the voting compartment and assist the voter to make his or her mark in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Commission.

(2) The Commission shall take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with disabilities, special needs and vulnerable persons are assisted at the polling place by the provision of suitable means of communication, such as Braille, large embossed print, electronic devices, sign language interpretation, or off-site voting in appropriate cases.

Section 55 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Personal attendance

No voter shall record his or her vote otherwise than by personally attending at the polling unit or voting centres and recording his or her vote in the manner prescribed by the Commission.

Section 56 Nigeria Electoral Act 2022

Voting at appropriate polling unit

No person shall be permitted to vote at any polling unit other than the one to which he or she is allotted.

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