Section 13 Indian Divorce Act 1869

Section 13 Indian Divorce Act

Section 13 of the Indian Divorce Act 1869 is about Dismissal of petition. It is under CHAPTER III (DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE) of the Act.

Dismissal of petition

In case the Court, on the evidence in relation to any such petition, is satisfied that the petitioner’s case has not been proved, or is not satisfied that the alleged adultery has been committed,

or finds that the petitioner has, during the marriage, been accessory to, or conniving at, the going through of the said form of marriage, or the adultery of the other party to the marriage, or has condoned the adultery complained of,

or that the petition is presented or prosecuted in collusion with either of the respondents,

then and in any of the said cases the Court shall dismiss the petition.

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