Interpretation of Documents and Intention (NCLR)

Interpretation of Documents and Intention – COURT HOLDING

The cardinal presumption in the interpretation of documents is that the parties have intended what they have in fact said

Oyenuga and Four Others v. Ife University Provisional Council (1964) NCLR (page 8, lines 18-25) H.C. (West)

Related aspect of Law: Contract

Facts of the Case

The Plaintiff and four others brought a consolidated action against the defendants to recover salary and emoluments in lieu of notice for a specific period of time.

The Plaintiff was employed as a professor at the university of Ife under the service conditions in force in 1962. These conditions provided that appointments were tenable for three years in the first instance and, on confirmation, until retirement at 60 or 65.

However, the practice in universities was to waive the probationary three-year period in the case of a professor and to make the appointment until retirement. The Plaintiff’s appointment was terminated before the expiry of this period for alleged misconduct and he was given six months’ notice of such termination. Accordingly, the present proceedings were instituted to recover salary and emoluments.

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